J.R. Webb Environmental Policy

It is our policy:

  • To comply with current legislation and industry Codes of Practice and actively support the Environmental Agencies in implementing any improvements.
  • To address the concerns of all interested parties by assessing, monitoring and, where possible, reducing to a minimum the impact of our activities on the local and general environment.
  • To ensure all management and staff, along with suppliers and sub-contractors, continually strive to improve environmental performance.
  • To monitor all emissions from our site to minimise the impact on the environment and our neighbours.
  • To develop and implement systems that are able to detect, and where possible, prevent environmental incidents.
  • To evaluate the aspect and impacts of works on the environment and put in place controls to reduce adverse effects on the environment.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the key staff associated with this project will be as follows:

  • Approved project environmental policy
  • Overall Responsibility for Environmental Management
  • Implement Project Environmental Management Plan
  • Ensure non-conformances are rectified
  • Monitor overall environmental management performance.
  • Report compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements for client and authorities
  • Ensure sub-contractors and employees comply with Contract Coatings Project Environmental Management Plan
  • Provide training where works have the potential to cause environmental harm
  • Monitor Site works
  • Carry out weekly inspections of works to ensure there is no discharge to the environment
  • To action spill response procedures in the event of a spill
  • Ensure toolbox talks are held covering environmental management and controls
  • Prepare Project Environmental Management Plan
  • Document Control

Legal Requirements

J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd will endeavour to comply with all the legislative requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991. J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd will take all practicable steps to ensure our employees do not harm the environment whilst completing works on the site and disposing of materials.

Environmental Incident and Impact Control Procedures

The following are the Environmental Aspects that could create a potential risk to the state of the environment and J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd methods for controlling any environmental incidents that could result.

Water Quality

Under no circumstances should anyone wash or rinse into stormwater drains. All employees are to follow correct washout procedure using the facilities available on-site to avoid any risk of accidental discharge to the water. If this is unavailable then all washout is to be performed back at the yard of J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd All employees are to ensure that all objects, including paint tins, are secured in the Swinging Stage for external works to avoid any materials spilling out and contaminating the water quality.

Methods for Controlling Environmental Incidents

  • Ensure that chemicals and materials are stored away from potential entries to stormwater and watercourses
  • In the event of a discharge to a waterway or to stormwater inform relevant personnel immediately: Main Contractor Site Supervisor and J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd Management
  • Use and maintain spill kit (bags of Perlite) to absorb and control the spilled substance
  • Inform Spill Response if required
  • Inform territorial authority:
    • Ensure water is cleared by authorities and restored to original condition
    • Record all the details
    • Fill out an Environmental Incident Report